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Your Ole Miss vs. South Alabama OPEN THREAD

Come talk, mingle, and despair.

Here it is, your season’s first OPEN THREAD. I’m gonna run these a bit differently than in the past, insofar as I’ll include a music recommendation up top each week. I’ll try to keep it thematic, so this week we’re listening to “Just See Fear” by Cloud Nothings. It’s basically been the soundtrack to everything I’ve written and edited in the last four days. We are a music blog, after all.

I’ll try to stick around during the game to hop into various threads and delete all of your comments before your very eyes.

Anyway, I’d like to reiterate my appreciation for those of you that have stuck around through the transition in editorial leadership and direction. We’re still RCR, but hopefully more punchy, more screechy, more cerebral. If you do have serious, cogent concerns or feedback about the change of voice — our ethos hasn’t changed, we’re still changing the culture of Ole Miss athletics — come shout at me on Twitter. Or email me at I welcome all criticism.

Anyway, thanks again, and tweet at @RedCupRebellion throughout your Grove tailgating and we’ll make funny jokes on the internet together. Ciao.