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Evan Engram receives first NFL touchdown pass from none other than Eli Manning


Evan Engram played for Ole Miss in college. As did Eli Manning, but like a century before Engram. Eli Manning, who’s exactly 87 years old, has been in the NFL for 40 years. Evan Engram is in his first year in the NFL, and he’s very good. You know this, we know this, and now finally New York Giants fans know this.

The Giants are playing the [squints] Detroit Lions (?) on Monday Night Football, and while Detroit grabbed an early first-quarter lead, New York answered on the first play of the second quarter with an 18-yard touchdown sling from Manning to Engram. This is a thing of beauty.

Your man sets up in the shallow backfield, seemingly to block for a rightward moving dive play, but slips off any sort of contact through the trenches and finds himself wonderfully wide open for Eli’s pass. He was drafted as a tight end, yes, but he plays like a big-ass wideout, which is now a standard term in the NFL draft lexicon.

So kudos, Engram. May this be the first of many, and we’re not even mad about the celebration flag you incurred on this play, because Roger Goodell can go sit over there in the corner.