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Ole Miss vs. Cal football 2017: OPEN THREAD

Come talk, mingle, and despair.

Throwing this up a bit early because y’all seem a touch rowdy already on Twitter right now. Here then is your open thread for the CHAOS EVENT out west. Gray Hardison is there; Ghost is not. We’re blasting “Let ‘Em Talk” by Kesha, because hate on, haters. I’ve written about this song in this space before, so go read that if you’re so inclined.

Make sure too to consult our field guide for this game, because you need to maintain something like a cool head as it, the game, unwinds — at least until the early fourth quarter. From there, we’re hitting the bomb shelter and not coming out until sometime Sunday afternoon. You can also play along with our drinking game, or, conversely, you could just turn that fifth of Jim upside down and ingest the whole thing at a stroke. You do you.

I didn’t hang around in the comments last week because, well, frankly I was getting ready for the storm and only kind of half-watching anyway. I’ll try to be more attentive this week. Who knows. I will be enormously drunk, and I hope you will be too. If something pops up that’s bloggable during the proceedings — which is imminently possible — we’ll push that out on the world wide web.