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The Ole Miss vs. Cal drinking game

Because you’re gonna need it.

NCAA Football: South Alabama at Mississippi
When the drinking game drops.
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Admit it, you have a drinking problem, and we celebrate that here at RCR. You gotta have a way to enjoy Ole Miss football outside of the 102 points that are going to light up the scoreboard at that mausoleum-looking Cal stadium Saturday night.

Plus this game is starting at 10:30 EST/9:30 CST?!? GET YA MIND RIGHT. You can't just go get a 30 rack of Natty and try to kill it in anticipation of the game or you'll be out by halftime or in the bathroom pissing the game away. Hydration is also very important, according to the doctors at RCR.

We got some signature cocktails comin' at you — get those juices flowing with the following:

"Dirty Gatorade"

Cathead Honeysuckle — 3 oz
Lemon juice — a squirt I guess
Lime juice — another squirt I guess
Water — to taste

"The Mariota"

Tito’s vodka — 4.5 oz
Berry Frost Pedialyte — 4.5 oz
Red Bull — 4.5 oz

These drinks will undoubtedly keep you first off lit and secondly very healthy.

Alright, your red cup is filled, it's time for our drinking game rules for OM vs. Cal.


  • Announcers mention NCAA investigation: drink twice
  • Announcers mention Hugh Freeze resignation: take a shot
  • Story about Matt Luke as interim coach: take a shot
  • Shea Patterson does something amazing: throw an empty bottle through your coffee table and finish two beers
  • AJ Brown makes a ridiculous catch: chug a 40 oz with oven mitts on
  • Something about culture clash with MS and CA: take a shot while rolling eyes and hand wanking motion
  • Pac 12 after dark mention: swap drinks with the person to your right and finish it off
  • Game hits the 72 point over: shot of bourbon followed by an ice cold Budweiser
  • Announcers mention Red Cuss Rebellion: turn off your TV to boycott the no longer great and overly PC ESPN
  • Camera shot of Cal's bear: finish your beer and call your local police to report an arsonist is in your home
  • Our defense allows less than 20 points: drink all the Maker's Mark in your home and then drunk dial every Bammer you know to talk shit for the next two weeks