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UPDATING: U.S. district judge grants Ole Miss’ motion to dismiss in Houston Nutt lawsuit

This doesn’t necessarily end Nutt’s legal qualms, but it’s a positive development, anyway.

Arkansas v Mississippi Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Houston Nutt just can’t nab an SEC win. On Wednesday, as first reported by the Clarion-Ledger’s Antonio Morales, a U.S. district judge in Mississippi granted Ole Miss and its athletics foundation their request to dismiss Nutt’s embarrassing embarrassment lawsuit against the university and other ancillary parties which argued that university personnel had slandered him out on the recruiting trail, thus preventing him from coaching college football ever again.

Nutt went 2-11 in his final season at helm in Oxford, tallying exactly zero in-conference wins on the season.

Nutt’s tenure was also the period in which a series of academic fraud practices made their way to NCAA investigators, with various ACT proctors filling in or outright correcting recruits’ answer sheets on the day of the exam.

In the judge’s decision, the Hon. Neal Biggers, Jr. wrote, “In response to the instant motion, the plaintiff concedes that the defendants’ argument is meritorious and asserts ‘it is agreed that this court lacks subject matter jurisdiction.’” Nutt’s claims involve no federal statuses or U.S. Constitution claims, merely that of jurisdiction.

This development doesn’t preclude Nutt from continued legal warfare against Ole Miss and the athletics department, however. Essentially, Ole Miss’ legal team managed to get the case dismissed on procedural grounds, so one could expect Nutt to find other legal avenues to exact whatever revenge he feels he’s entitled to. For now, though, he’s taken another L.

In end, Houston Nutt rolled over, again.

UPDATE (5:00 PM CT): Nutt’s attorney Thomas Mars speaks.

Setting aside Mars’ laughable “Ole Miss lawyers” boondoggle, this is boilerplate Mississippi lawyerin’, replete with a damn John Grisham reference. It’s also not surprising in the least that Mars and Nutt plan to file in state court, insofar as federal court found no grounds on which to try this case as a federal case. Yeah, there’s also a guy named Bubba in here, because this case isn’t ridiculous enough.