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Come and memorize your LONGO BALL puns for the 2017 season


Mississippi v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Ole Miss’ 2017 season is going to be a hell-raiser, and you should actively root for these Rebel Bears as America’s CHAOS TEAM come football time.

The reasons for Ole Miss’ potential as the country’s premier CHAOS TEAM this year manifold and sundry: they lost their head coach in July; they have no designs on the postseason, and thus nothing to lose; they’re loaded on offense but not so much on defense.

Did we mention that Ole Miss lost its head coach in FREAKING JULY?

Anyway, because Hugh Freeze He Who Will Not Be Named resigned amid scandal from multiple directions, Rebel football finds itself in the unenviable position of playing under an interim coach and former offensive coordinator Matt Luke. It has yet to be seen how his on-field product will shake out, but that’s where we are.

Where Luke gives up OC duties, he yields that post to one Phil Longo, a high energy, high octane personality who’ll hopefully give Shea Patterson free reign to run and sling. To that end, then, we have the very important task of generating appropriate Twitter language for social media engagement on football Saturdays. So:

We asked, and you, dear Twitter followers, kindly delivered (THREAD, as they say). Thank you.

Whoops! Let’s try that again.

Huh, okay one more time.

That’s better.

Finding our groove now.

Only a few more weeks, y’all.