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Here, come look at Laquon Treadwell’s bucket hat at Vikings training camp


It’s hot outside. It’s hot in Charleston, S.C., it’s hot in Oxford, Miss., it’s hot in Mankato, Minn., which just so happens to be where the Minnesota Vikings are wrapping up training camp this week.

Because it’s hot outside, and because Laquon Treadwell is about to commence his sophomore season with the Minnesota Vikings, who are in Mankuto, Minn. for training camp, where it’s hot, headwear is important. Global climate change and ozone holes are facts of everyday life here in 2017, and UV rays can do a real number on you if you’re not appropriately protecting yourself.

Laquon Treadwell understands this. He’s lived it for the better part of his life, what with peewee camps, middle school camps, high school camps, feature camps, college camps, and now, here, professional camps. It’s miserable out there, especially so if you’re still perhaps dealing with a nagging ankle injury that virtually excised you from participation in your rookie season.

So, headwear. Protective headwear, at that. Let’s see how ‘Quon is coping.

Shade-producing? Check. Team-branded? Absolutely. This is prudent headwear for the Minnesota sun. Let’s check this out from a different angle.

Hey, that’s former Virginia Tech TE Bucky Hodges in the background! Hey, Bucky! He’s got the same bucket lid on, though not with the arguably more stylish Treadwell flourish of turning up the bill.

‘Quon, for his part, seems to be enjoying himself, despite his non-participation in the day’s workout. As Ken Chia points out, he made time to talk with these three youngsters during the final 15 or so minutes of Tuesday’s session, and they seem to all be keeping straight faces in view of Treadwell’s sartorial choices.

Kudos to all involved. Keep the dream alive, y’all.