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Here are Ole Miss fans’ hopes and dreams for the 2017 season

Some of you are unreasonable.

Auburn v Mississippi Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

We asked you numbskulls what your expectations, hopes, and dreams were for this particular Ole Miss football season. The season’s already done. No postseason, no bowl. The team’s wins won’t matter but somehow the team’s losses will matter on a global scale. That’s how college football works, after all.

Red Cup Rebellion’s editorial line is wholly on the side of CHAOS TEAM 2017, because that’ll make this season fun as all hell. We like writing about weird shit, because we have weird as shit writers who like to write about weird shit. Just ask Gray Hardison.

But there’s a very real college football season looming before us, one that will most definitely include the Ole Miss Rebels’ participation in full non-conference and SEC football play, for some reason. WE’RE NOT ALL IN NCAA JAIL, AFTER ALL.

Anyway, we asked you above what your expectations or hopes or non-preferences were for this coming season, never mind the fact that Ole Miss will most definitely not play in a bowl game. Some of your responses were ... well ... huh.

And here are some predictions/observations/shots in the dark by some of our very own here at the lovely astronomy/food/tarot reading web site, Red Cup Rebellion.

ZACH: Ole miss should be a circus one way or another this season. But in the good way. This team will shine on offense and score a lot because of some talented receivers, a deep offensive line, and a QB that has the potential to be very, very good.

Defensively, it all depends on what kind of year Marquis Haynes, Benito Jones and Breeland Speaks have. If they're successful, it'll take the pressure off the linebackers. On the third level, they should be very talented with Myles Hartsfield, Jaylon Jones and Jalen Julius returning.

Overall, I see a team that has a chance to win seven or eight games because of the generous non-conference schedule and possible scenarios of playing Texas A&M and Arkansas at home while their coaches are trying to cool off their seat.

Either way, let's drink bourbon.

GHOST: I mean, Ole Miss going undefeated to ruin everyone’s fun. Also, Shep Rattlerson winning the Heisman lol.

ONE MAN TO BEAT: I'm not expecting anything more than a few wins given the massive amount of uncertainty, but also if we can't get to six wins, it will be a solemn harbinger for the next five years.

LOHMAR: My hope is for at least eight wins. That’s both somewhat reasonable and appropriately unreasonable. My biggest hope is for at least one zany, polls-affecting upset, preferably late in the season against, say, LSU, if they’re having an out-of-character impressive year. That’d be so much fun to write about and watch.