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Matt Luke was mic’d up at Ole Miss’ team portrait day and his players are too shy to talk

Jason Pellerin doesn’t like being put on the spot.

College football officially returned to our lives Saturday, and while Ole Miss wasn’t actually playing, the team did convene at Vaught-Hemingway for football-adjacent activities.

WE’RE TALKING TEAM PHOTO, Y’ALL. Here it is, courtesy of athletics department photographer Joshua McCoy:

There’s head coach Matt Luke, front and center. Just behind him is Shep Rattlerson, the best quarterback in the country. Further up and to the right one may observe the glorious terror that is Eli Johnson’s beard. As the premier beard and facial hair blog on the web, we can say with definitiveness that this is a very good beard.

Luke, it should be noted was actually wearing a mic throughout the event, and his players appeared reticent to speak on the record about how much money they were paid to come and join the cheating Rebel Bears. Here, have a watch:

Coach first asks Jalen Julius and C.J. Miller to his left if they’d like to provide comment on the fact that Luke is wearing a wire, presumably at the behest of the NCAA to SQUIRREL OUT THE DAMN CHEATING. Luke then turns to his right to ask Jason “OBJ Hair” Pellerin his views on the fine food at the Beacon. None of the three give acceptable responses.

Their silence is deafening.