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Here’s a blog about the new Kesha album, which you should absolutely listen to

This is purely to piss you off.

Global Citizen: The World On Stage Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Global Citizen

This does adhere to Ole Miss sports, but you need to wait for it. If you don’t care at all about Ole Miss sports, welcome, you are our ideal reader.

Pop music on the radio or whatever is generally bad. Kesha plays constantly on the radio or whatever, and she is very good. She’s a gay icon. She’s an anti-bullying icon. Kesha is a good person and a good artist.

So here are 400 or so words on why her latest album, “RAINBOW,” is an absolutely monumental document of American musical literature. She speaks French on this cut.

Let’s start with “Let ‘Em Talk,” which of course features THE EAGLES OF DEATH METAL (who show up twice on this album). This thing is the fundamental hype song for your individual existence. The HATERS have nothing to say here. Don’t let those LOSERS take your magic, baby. Lift off into the ether of DON’T CARE NO MORE. This song is so college football it stings. Especially for Ole Miss people. Miserable as we are.

This is just a killer pop song. It’s up-tempo, it mixes bands and genres, and it ends with a repetitive mantra. Not many will record something this memorable.

But let’s shift gears here. Let’s examine “Hunt You Down,” which reeks of ... Johnny Cash (?), but only tangentially. It sorta sounds like Johnny Cash, but it’s way more pointed than any Cash song I’ve ever heard. This thing is surreal. Kesha’s already sung about how she likes getting fucked while wearing her boyfriend’s boots — the song is called “Boots” — and so this assertive offering builds on a recognizable and trustworthy effort that underwrites her entire album. This is most definitely Kesha’s album.

What about the title track, though? “RAINBOW?”

Kesha’s modus operandi is constantly to lift you up, especially young people — and for that we should listen to her always. Are you bullied? Are you gay or trans? Are you a student of color? Kesha is here for you. She, we, have to reassure you. This is music in your ears to push you through the most terrible day of your life. You need her, and she needs you.

Lucretius advises us to leave life drunk and full of food like a Roman banqueter. Kesha does too. Go forth.