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Ole Miss is the University of Missouri now, according to Laura Ingraham

The Mizzou Rebel Bears kick off their 2017 football season on Sept. 2.

Hmmm ...

A bit of an internet kerfuffle is afoot surrounding the University of Mississippi — which is in Oxford, Miss. and some 475 miles of hard driving from, say, Columbia, Missouri — and the university’s decision to invite Wiz Khalifa for their academic year kickoff concert. In short, people ARE MAD ON THE ‘NET.

The main outrage seems to surround Khalifa’s avowed marijuana usequelle horreur — and sexualizing objectification of women in his music. There’s room for this latter argument, but the former? Have you read anything about Johnny Cash? Bob Dylan? The fucking Beatles? Come now.

Anyway, that’s only ancillary to the topic at hand here. The topic at hand concerns one Laura Ingraham, editor-in-chief of whatever LifeZette is — which ran this stupid thing in the first place, and yes, it includes the phrase “social justice warriors” used pejoratively — and host of the creatively titled Laura Ingraham Show on FOX News. She has a radio presence or whatever, too, so there’s that.

Laura Ingraham tweeted something deeply dumb on Thursday afternoon.

*SPITS COFFEE ALL OVER THE DANG BLOGGING MACHINE* WELL THAT’S NOT CORRECT AT ALL. “MIZZOU” is of course a shorthand for the University of MISSOURI — which, again, sits 475 miles north of Oxford, home of the University of MISSISSIPPI, which traditionally goes by “OLE MISS.” Consult any Ole Miss Rebels media guide.

The REAL Mizzou, for its part, is trying its best to right the ship.

And so here we are. Laura Ingraham is feeding us FAKE NEWS in the interests of FAKE OUTRAGE over Wiz Khalifa playing a show at The Pavilion at Ole Miss to kick off the new school year. Everything is so very stupid right now.