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You, Ole Miss fan, what are your hopes and dreams for this 2017 season?

Ours are [BLOG OPINION #9].

Georgia Southern v Mississippi Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

For the HATERS AND LOSERS out there, we’ve already published the definitive guide to hating Rebel football in 2017. But we’re here now to discuss what Ole Miss fans should hope for this season, if anything. Six wins? Seven? THREE? The possibilities are endless.

So, given an interim coach with just six weeks of full-time prep, and given a second-year quarterback thrown into the fire last year late, and given an offense with weapons galore, and given a questionable defense, and given all the crazy uncertainty that attends college football from week to week, what the hell do you want to see happen? An undefeated season?

Given that the postseason for Ole Miss is a total non-starter in 2017, there remains the question of what Rebel fans should root for, other than week-to-week success. Is there a season-long narrative to pull for outside DISRUPTING EVERYONE’S SHIT BECAUSE WE’RE THIS YEAR’S CHAOS TEAM? Hm. Maybe so.

So, email Hit us up on Twitter and Facebook. Incessantly scream about what you want out of this already forgotten football season. We want to hear from you, Ole Miss fans, and also you, Mississippi State fans who weirdly read this blog. We’ll put you all together into a ranting, screaming post.

We’re taking no submissions from the comments.