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Breeland Speaks and Marquis Haynes are hungry at Ole Miss football practice

Large, hungry men.

Mississippi v LSU
When the Handy Andy’s order drops.
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Ole Miss football held a morning practice on Thursday, and the video crew had a few players mic’d up for the proceedings. They included defensive linemen Breeland Speaks and Marquis Haynes, who took some time between drills to entertain the day’s myriad lunch options. Let’s hear what they have to say.

(ASIDE: is that Victor Evans mugging in the foreground? Zach Berry thinks it is.)

Here’s a partial transcript, because frankly this is making us hungry and we need to step out for some Handy Andy’s.

Haynes: Breeland, could I get a large coke, a medium fry, three cup cakes, two fried Oreo bowls (?), and two giant waffles.
Speaks: I want two double bacon burgers from Handy Andy’s.
Haynes: Let me get that four-for-four.
Speaks: lol
Haynes: Let me get that four-for-four, two medium fries.
Speaks: lol
Haynes: And a bowl of cereal ... make sure it’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Speaks: lol

Without caring to look up the caloric intake that the sum total of this list comprises, it’s safe to say it’s somewhere north of 8,000 calories. As Haynes points out, though, he’s gotta bulk up.

Enjoy lunch, everyone.