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Andy Kennedy showed up at Ole Miss football practice dressed like your dad


NCAA Basketball: SEC Tournament-Mississippi vs Missouri
When the kids won’t stop screwing around up there.
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Ever the sartorial savant, Ole Miss Rebels head basketball coach Andy Kennedy goes extremely summer jam, it seems, as evidenced by his intense commitment to the #DADCORE aesthetic. Like when he made an appearance at Rebel football’s Wednesday practice. Here, take a look.

Looking good, coach. Interim head football coach Matt Luke is clearly enamored with AK’s wardrobe choice here, which says “I can’t be bothered to don a suit jacket” and “why yes, I do sort of look like Matt Skiba of the band Alkaline Trio in these slick shades.” The resemblance is uncanny.

iHeartRadio Music Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals
Skiba, at left, attending the iHeartRadio Music Awards earlier this year.
Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

(It’s here that we should point out that AK is a dedicated supporter of Ole Miss football and rarely misses a home game. That’s good hustle.)

Skiba probably has a few pounds on Kennedy, despite the latter’s distinct height advantage. I’ve met Skiba, and he’s only about 6’0.

Our editorial line is firmly in adoration of Kennedy’s khaki shorts, oversized white shirt, low-cut socks and extremely dad-errific white and red kicks. Put this man in a museum somewhere, wearing exactly this get-up.