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Watch Damore’ea Stringfellow haul in a 99-yard TD pass in Dolphins preseason

This is smooth.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL preseason is at least football-adjacent, insofar as some starters will make appearances, but not for any extended stretch whatsoever. The preseason is really a time for young faces to prove their worth, and that’s certainly what former Ole Miss wideout Damore’ea Stringfellow is here to do.

Stringfellow’s cobbled together something of a good career thus far, after being suspended from the University of Washington’s football program following an altercation with Seattle Seahawks fans on Super Bowl Sunday of 2014. He promptly transferred to Ole Miss but was suspended again in 2015 for a similar incident involving teammate Trae Elston.

In his only season to eclipse 503 yards — 2016, his last in Oxford — he netted 716 yards for six touchdowns. In all, his college years saw him gain 1,428 yards for 12 scores on 102 receptions.

He’s big, mean, and can move well in traffic, which makes his undrafted free agency something of a head scratcher, until one remembers the rigid stoicism of NFL front offices, which will broach absolutely no character flaws whatsoever.

In any case, plays like this should make Dolphins fans and ownership alike giddy.

That’s a 99-yarder from Dolphins backup David Fales to Stringfellow for the score. Granted, this is coming against the second stringers of the Atlanta Falcons’ defense — which may just as well give up a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl — but it’s impressive nonetheless for Stringfellow’s strong hands and control in the face of a defender flying all around him.

String ended the night with two catches for 116 yards and that there score. Go get paid, dude.