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What did you think of the rebrand? Let us know in the comments

We want to hear your feedback.

Arkansas v Mississippi Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Here we are, the mountaintop. We ascended and transcended the bounds of known reality, only to descend back to terra firma, not really sure if it was all worth it. Was it? We want to know.

We’ve taken you back to last fall, including the weekend of the Florida State game (quelle horreur!). We’ve listicled the 10 worst possible people you meet in the Grove on gamedays. We’ve talked to Houston Nutt about truly awful BLT prerogatives. We’ve sautéed potatoes beneath an image of Charlie Strong, for some reason. We’ve offered five strong prohibitions against what to bring to your tailgate.

We’ve further lamented the lack of a Waffle House in Oxford, Miss. We’ve demonstrated fully that the gin and tonic is truly the best cocktail. We reviewed, randomly, a stupid dive bar in Charleston, SC. But, we ask, what if the real FOOD BOOZE REBELLION was inside us all along? Or, better still, what if it was the friends we made along the way? We may never know.

So, here then, at this point in our life’s journey, we hand it back to you, our lovely readers. Did you enjoy the rebrand? If so, what did you like most? If no, what should we have done better? Be generous in your answers — really dig in here and put passion into your response.

As ever, sound off in the comments, and keep hope alive.