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Quincy Adeboyejo introduced us to the dab in 2015

Crank up the Migos.

NCAA Football: Fresno State at Mississippi Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 season started off with a bang. And that is putting it lightly. In a game where Chad Kelly and the Rebels slaughtered the visiting Fresno State Bulldogs for 607 total yards, 73 points, and 27 first downs, the most glorious thing we were given happened after a simple post route that was caught for a touchdown.

Quincy Adeboyejo has given a lot to Ole Miss. Four years of running and catching touchdowns that totaled 1,454 yards and 11 touchdowns. And who could forget the catch and run against Alabama?! Just like they drew it up.

On a glorious September day in the Velvet Ditch back in 2015, Kelly hit the Fresno defense with a dart in the red zone and Adeboyejo was on the receiving end of it. It was simple really, Kelly sent the running back, Jaylen Walton, in motion to the flats, drawing the attention of the outside linebacker. Then, he let Markell Pack occupy the safety in the middle of the field with a seam route. And finally, he waited for Q-Joe to clear the middle and find the window in the defense.

Then, after Kelly delivered the football with precision and Quincy made the catch for six, he captured the hearts of 60,302 people:

The subtle yet emphatic dance move was perfectly executed by No. 8. Just a quick, statuesque pose coupled with an outstretched arm and a head nod into the pit of an elbow. Go ahead and watch it again, I’ll wait. No worries.

After the confident and prideful bow was complete, we peered up at the scoreboard and saw that Ole Miss had stretched its lead to 21-0 and went on to win 73-21, moving their record to 2-0. But, the real winner here was you, me, and the rest of Rebel nation. Quincy could’ve simply handed the ball to the official, celebrated with teammates and jogged back to the sidelines. No. He is a man of the people. A fan of hip-hop. A trendsetter if you will.

So with 44 more days until Ole Miss football is back, we take this time to look back, rejoice and thank Quincy Adeboyejo for introducing us to the dance craze that still captivates us every damn time.

Thank you, Migos. But, most importantly, thank you, Quincy.

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