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Let’s relive Derrick Jones shimmying all over Auburn back in 2015

Load up that salsa playlist on Spotify.

The 2015 season was a strange one for Ole Miss football. On the one hand, they had wins over Alabama and Texas A&M in their pocket, while on the other hand they had a zany overtime loss to Arkansas. May we ever remember that one.

Then there was the Auburn game in Auburn. Always a rough venue to play, what with golden eagles flying about the place and 80,000 drunks wishing death upon you and your kin. So the Rebs’ 27-19 win in the Tigers’ house is all the more sweeter, not least because with that particular victory, they owned the state of Alabama in 2015.

In the course of that W, Chad Kelly connected with Derrick Jones for a huge touchdown at the tail end of the third quarter. This comeback-and-go in fact pushed Ole Miss out to a 20-13 lead, an advantage they would not relinquish for the rest of the afternoon’s proceedings. Look at this thing:

The cornerback bites hard on the ball fake, freeing up Jones to catch a rare duck from Kelly. After that it’s all Jones athleticism to fight his way into the end zone for the score.

Then, we dance.

45 more days until football, y’all.