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SEC media days 2017: Ole Miss’ turn in front of the cameras did not disappoint

SPOILER: some folks were #madonline.

NCAA Football: SEC Media Days Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

The unofficial kickoff to the 2017 college football season is here: SEC media days in Birmingham, Ala.

The week-long media circus has been going on since Monday at the Hyatt Regency Birmingham-The Winfrey Hotel and the Ole Miss portion of the session did not disappoint. Hugh Freeze, flanked by Javon Patterson, Shea Patterson and Breeland Speaks, arrived in the Yellowhammer State to field questions and interviews with national and local media and were asked about everything from emojis to the ongoing NCAA investigation that just never seems to end.

Freeze and his three players seemed to handle themselves nicely during the frenzy that is known by most to be ridiculous and stupid. And it was even more so this year with the incredibly coincidental timing of Houston Nutt’s lawsuit against Ole Miss coming to light a mere 24-hours before the Rebs arrived. Despite the cloud hanging over the program, Freeze was adamant about only using coach speak and talking pigskin.

As for the other goings on, here are some of the highlights:

Speaks, the junior defensive lineman from Jackson, made his case for best dressed this year with a spectacular two-toned bow tie.

Freeze and Patterson took time out of their busy schedules to sign some autographs for fans before heading in for interviews. To be honest, they should be commended for finding the time to say hello to the fanatics that made the trip, what with all the cheatin’ they got going on.

Speaking of fans who made the trip, this fella seems insane.

Hugh is not a fan of #distractions.

During an interview, Javon crowned every Starkville resident’s favorite Rebel, A.J. Brown, the king of Twitter.

Speaking of A.J., he was a big fan of QB1’s swag.

The Chef is looking sharp in this GIF. Shout out to the sophomore for rocking the tie clip. Respect.

And the young man’s sock game deserves some daps as well.

Shea is a man of the people. And podcasts.

Former Rebel great and current podcast host Kentrell Lockett was in attendance critiquing folks outfits.

Here is head coach Hugh Freeze in front of a live studio audience for his roast of SEC media days.

Lol nah.

Garth Blundin would be proud.

And here is a live shot of Hugh talmbout busting filis.


Oxford native Eddie A is a fan of Hugh’s ‘bustin.

No filibusterin’ here, though, as Hugh admits that he will be a little more free and easy this year on offense.

Longo Ball*

Tommy seems to be #madonline. Join the club.

Seems like everyone was dodging bullets today.

Spirit Chuck. Salt of the daggum Earth.

Well, well, well.

This is probably putting it mildly.

Triggered much?

Lots of folks seemed to tune in today, so there’s that.

Wow, jump the gun much, SEC Network?!

Wan Dolken, checking in.

Hoo boy, when does the Netflix stand-up special come out?!

Freeze is given dap by Twitter’s resident poll king for homers.

Ah, yes, a poop joke. The irony is amazing.

DISCLAIMER: every SB Nation post has to include at least one mention of crootin’.

Bucky had some thoughts on the Hootie Dale situation.

And in typical Freeze fashion, he puts together a fantastic spin to maintain a positive outlook.

Speaking of Houston Nutt ...

Breeland Speaks seems all in. And according to our very own Michael Borkey, he appears all in physically as well.

Bold prediction from the internet tough guy. Little does he know, Hugh is going to prison anyways.

The fellas got some nice keepsakes for being asked to travel to Birmingham and answer the same six questions 857 different ways for several hours. Well done, everyone.

Now there’s an idea.

A wild Michigan Man® appears, full of awful taeks.

In the end, it’s all part of the plan.