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Podcast Rebellion: Will Ole Miss’ NCAA defense work?

Is the university’s sprawling, 125-page defense enough to fight off the worst of the allegations? We put on our lawya suits.

Welcome back to the best daggum blog podcast that is available on iTunes and Soundcloud that covers the cheetin’ Ole Miss Rebel Black Bears. We took a few weeks off trying to help out the university’s legal counsel handle this whole NCAA thing, but no one wanted to listen to us. In case you missed it, the university released its NOA response Pt. 2 Tuesday afternoon and are vehemently standing by head coach Hugh Freeze while going after others named in the notice of allegations.

On this week’s episode, we welcome in Juco All-American, Gray Hardison and Jason a.k.a VegasRebs, to be Red Cup Rebellion’s legal counsel as we break down the 125-page response and decide whether or not it will be an effective counter-punch to the NCAA’s haymaker. Two-thirds of our crew this episode has legal experience and/or is currently lawyerin’. The other is an expert in “bird law” and the art of the Photoshop. So don’t worry, we’re in good hands.

We discuss why it’s smart/not smart to stand by Hugh Freeze during this trying time, why Ole Miss went after Barney Farrar and why the hell Leo Lewis lying so daggum much.