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Podcast Rebellion: Rebel Rags’ beef with the NCAA could be make or break

Ghost joins to talk the latest developments in the NCAA case and then talk food, John Goodman and favorite former Hugh Freeze players.

After a week off from the airwaves, the world’s greatest Ole Miss sports blog and Cookout enthusiast podcast is back in your eardrums. Since we last talked, Rebel Rags has since turned up the heat on Lindsey Miller, Mississippi State and the NCAA by issuing a response of their own, calling them liars and threatening depositions for everyone if they don’t come forth and tell “the truth”.

On this week’s episode, we welcome in Ghost, to talk the latest news with Rebel Rags’ lawsuit against Kobe Jones and Leo Lewis and what it means moving forward for Ole Miss’ football program. We also get into the mentions and answer your questions about everything from fast food to past Oxford restaurants to Big Dan Teague himself.

We discuss why this lawsuit against two Mississippi State football players could be something that could turn the tide for the Rebels, how it could also derail State’s program and why delicatessens are the world’s greatest treasure.

Here are some of the questions we addressed:

  • What is your favorite pizza topping?
  • Who from Ole Miss is on your 3-on-3 basketball team?
  • Is Cook Out good?
  • What is your favorite Oxford restaurant that is no more?
  • Who is your favorite Hugh Freeze-era player?
  • Where is the best place to eat in Niagara Falls in Canada?
  • What is your favorite Mississippi back road to drive down?
  • Who wins: Chuck Norris vs. Bruce Lee?

Feel free to share your answers in the comments.


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