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Podcast Rebellion: Is Ole Miss baseball capable of making a run?

The offense has been struggling all year, but all of a sudden there is reason for optimism. Can they win another series on the road in Gainesville?

The 2017 Ole Miss baseball team has been dubbed a “roller coaster ride” by myself all year. And they certainly are living up to the moniker. This year’s club has gone from two sweeps to open the season to being swept by Mississippi State to beating Vanderbilt at home to losing to Georgia State at home. The season looked to be all but lost in terms of hosting a regional and possibly even making Hoover for the SEC Tournament, but now there appears to be a resurgence on the horizon.

After Mike Bianco’s club won a home series against Missouri and a road series against then-top 10 Arkansas, the Rebs all of a sudden have renewed energy. And the offense is chipping in, too. After slapping six dingers in Fayetteville and scoring 13 runs in the first two games, Ole Miss scored 21(!) against ULM on Tuesday and the team batting average is now over the .250 mark.

On this week’s episode, we discuss whether or not the offense will hold against a surging Florida team that boasts several MLB arms. If Ole Miss can somehow find a way to win two in the Sunshine State, talks of a possible two-seed are back on the table. We also talk about D1 Baseball’s recent projections and why a spot in the Southern Miss regional would be ideal for this team.

We also talk some NFL Draft and who we think has the best chance out of the undrafted free agents to make a roster. Does Quincy Adeboyejo have the speed to earn a spot? Can Damore’ea Stringfellow and Fadol Brown stay healthy? And is Chad Kelly the luckiest dude in the draft?

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