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Podcast Rebellion: Is Ole Miss a softball school now?

The other Diamond Rebs are picking up the slack on campus and are on the brink of taking over. Is this for real?

You might be asking yourself: why are we talking about softball for 30 minutes on Podcast Rebellion? Well, it’s because head coach Mike Smith and the Ole Miss Rebels are ranked 18th in the country and are 38-18 right now. These ladies are a damn good bunch of ball players who play with an unrelenting passion that is downright mesmerizing. Don’t believe me? Watch a game. You will then see why we dedicated an entire podcast to this squad. They deserve it.

On this week’s episode, we discuss the university’s new-found identity: softball. Mike Smith took a cellar-dwelling program from the brink of relegation (not really) to the SEC Tournament semifinals for the first time in its history. The Rebels defeated No. 1 Florida in the second round Thursday afternoon and will now face Alabama, a team they defeated two-out of-three times in a series earlier this year for the first time ever, in the semifinals. We talk about what this means for the program moving forward, how exactly they got there and why they’re so damn fun to watch.

And yes, we’re a softball school now. Deal with it.

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