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Podcast Rebellion: Alabama series + Grove Bowl preview

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The Diamondbearz look to win a home series against the Tide and the Grove Bowl has some compelling storylines to watch.

After stealing a win on a neutral site against a top-20 Southern Miss squad, the Rebels now welcome in the Alabama Crimson Tide for a three-game tilt. If things go as hoped, it could possibly propel Ole Miss into some positive momentum before facing a tough conference stretch that includes trips to Arkansas, Florida and LSU. Or if things go poorly, it could just be a mirage that is distracting you from an average team that is going to struggle mightily against elite arms with a lineup filled with youth and inconsistencies.

On this week's 'cast, we break down how important the midweek win over No. 17-ranked Southern Miss and if it can be a building block for the rest of the season. We discuss this weekend’s series against a struggling Bama squad, the Rebels’ constant adjustments to the lineup and pitching rotation and if we think the Rebs have a shot at righting the ship and improving the offense.

We also discuss the Grove Bowl and what we are most looking forward to. What will Longo Ball look like compared to last season’s offense? Can Crimedawg revamp a defense that never really existed in 2016? How many people will actually show up on Saturday?

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