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Podcast Rebellion: Baton Rouge is apparently Mike Bianco’s kryptonite

Ole Miss hasn’t won a series in Baton Rouge since 1982 and Thursday night was gross. We also recap the Grove Bowl and hoops transfer possibilities.


Thursday night was brutal for Ole Miss baseball fans. The Rebs never found their footing in Red Stick and got absolutely throttled, 15-2. The lack of a series win against LSU on the road is still lingering over the baseball program and after Thursday’s loss, it looks like an even more daunting task. James McArthur did not look good at all, Alex Lange was dominant and the Bayou Bengals never looked back. Now, all Ole Miss has to do to fix this is win back-to-back games against a top 10 opponent on the road and slay a 35-year old beast.

If Ole Miss gets swept, it could be bad news for the NCAA Tournament hopes. If they get one game, things stay as is. But, being swept by a top 10 team will put Ole Miss at 21-15 and 6-9 in the SEC with more elite pitching to face down the road. And that’s not good. Ole Miss really needs a bounce back win to get that confidence back that they had during that five-game winning streak they had earlier this week. Bianco teams are known for being able to answer adversity when their back is against the proverbial wall, but this offense is not doing itself any favors.

Also on this week’s solo episode, we discuss The Grove Bowl and the low attendance and what exactly it means. Does it mean the fans are on the fence about this 2017 team or is it simply indicative of what a spring game means? And lastly, we dive headfirst into the hoops discussion that is the spring graduate transfer market. Who is Ole Miss looking at and what are they getting in NJCAA First Team All-American Bruce Stevens?

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