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Podcast Rebellion: Diamond Egg Bowl preview + Spring practice update

The Rebels take on State in a huge home series and spring practice is going on but should you really care? We break it all down for you.

After stealing a win from the visiting Little Rock Trojans in extra innings, Ole Miss will welcome in a red hot hitting Mississippi State squad on Thursday night for a humongous conference tilt. The Rebels pitch it extremely well and the Bulldogs hit it extremely well. Something has certainly got to give this weekend.

On this week's 'cast, we break down what we think is the reason why Ole Miss continues to struggle at the dish and how it affects team morale and momentum. We discuss this weekend’s chess match between the Rebs’ arms and the Dawgs’ bats and who has the edge, the Rebels’ new-look weekend rotation, how Ole Miss and MSU get around scholarship limitations and who we think can get a series win this weekend.

We also discuss football spring practice and what it means for the 2017 season. Should you care or not, what should the Rebs’ gameplan be for their opponents, we update you on some super secret NCAA insider info and why you should care about this year, dammit.

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