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College baseball composite top 25, Week 6: Ole Miss drops to No. 18

A disappointing weekend in Lexington has the Rebels sinking again.

Josh McCoy/Ole Miss Athletics

For a night, at least, it looked as though Ole Miss’ lineup was back on track. The Rebel bats broke out in their series opener against Kentucky, out-slugging the SEC’s most explosive offense during a 9-6 win last Thursday night. Two days later, Mike Bianco’s club was limping out of Lexington with a series loss and the same old problems at the plate.

The Rebs crossed the plate just three times on Friday and Saturday as they fell to 15-9 overall and 3-3 in conference. That subsequently drops them to No. 18 in the latest composite rankings.

The good news is that the pitching success continued, even if the bullpen was a bit shaky. Take away Kentucky’s grand slam in the eighth inning of Thursday’s three-run win and the Wildcats averaged 3.3 runs per game during the series—compared to their season average of eight.

Kentucky, now 18-7 and 5-1 in conference, still sits two spots below Ole Miss at No. 20. Both D1 Baseball and Baseball America have the Wildcats in front of the Rebels, but Perfect Game left Big Blue out of the top 25 completely.

Here’s the full composite top 25, which averages the country’s three major polls:

Rank Team Composite avg. Rank D1 Baseball Baseball America Perfect Game
1 Oregon St. 1 1 Oregon St. Oregon St. Oregon St.
2 Louisville 2 2 Louisville Louisville Louisville
3 TCU 3.33 3 Texas Tech TCU TCU
4 Texas Tech 4 4 TCU Texas Tech South Carolina
5 Clemson 5.33 5 Clemson Clemson Texas Tech
6 South Carolina 5.67 6 LSU South Carolina Clemson
7 North Carolina 7.33 7 South Carolina North Carolina North Carolina
8 LSU 8.33 8 North Carolina Florida Florida St.
9 Florida 8.67 9 Florida LSU Florida
10 Florida St. 10.67 10 Cal St. Fulleron Cal St. Fullerton LSU
11 Cal St. Fulleron 11 11 Stanford Florida Gulf Coast Houston
12 Stanford 12.67 12 Florida St. Florida St. Stanford
13 Florida Gulf Coast 13 13 Arizona Arizona Cal St. Fullerton
14 Arizona 14.33 14 Florida Gulf Coast St. John's Florida Gulf Coast
15 Auburn 16.33 15 St. John's Stanford Vanderbilt
16 St. John's 17 16 Kentucky Kentucky ECU
17 Virginia 18.67 17 Auburn Oklahoma Arizona
18 Ole Miss 19.33 18 Virginia Auburn UL Lafayette
19 Arkansas 20.33 19 Ole Miss Virginia Ole Miss
20 Kentucky 20.67 20 Arkansas Ole Miss Arkansas
21 Houston 21.33 21 UL Lafayette Arkansas South Florida
22 Oklahoma 21.67 22 Michigan Baylor St. John's
23 UL Lafayette 23 23 San Diego Houston Oklahoma St.
24 ECU 23.67 24 Oklahoma Wake Forest Oklahoma
25 Vanderbilt 25 25 Southern Miss ECU Missouri