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Ole Miss and Illinois State just scheduled a basketball game through Twitter

Illinois State’s coach advertised a home-and-home series with a tweet and a bitmoji. Ole Miss’ AD answered.

Illinois State head coach Dan Muller’s Redbirds shared the MVC regular season title with Wichita State, which went on to wreck ISU in the MVC tournament title game, 70-50. Illinois State did earn a No. 1 seed in this year’s NIT for their troubles, though, but none of that information is the reason why we’re here.

On Monday, Muller started planning his program’s future and logged onto Twitter to put out a call for a home-and-home opponent during next season. You can’t help but admire the mid-major coach’s gumption, especially so since the self-deprecation, use of a bitmoji, and truth value — ISU would definitely constitute a quality road win — come together for a perfect coaching tweet.

Ross Bjork soon saw Muller’s wonderfully reasonable request, and himself asked Muller to reach out, which Muller apparently did.

(Andy Kennedy is indeed not on Twitter, even though we all wish he were.)

That’s a lot of A’s and K’S, there, Muller.

And then, presto.

A bitmoji of Dan Muller shattering the backboard? A bitmoji of Dan Muller shattering the backboard. Here’s Ole Miss basketball’s account sending out the confirmation .GIF, too.

The truly winning play here is AK’s idea to dub the series the T-Ward Invitational, which will honor the memory of former Kennedy assistant Torrey Ward, who was with Ole Miss from 2006-11, then moved on to Illinois State for two years before tragically dying in a plane accident in April 2015. Illinois State’s deputy athletic director Aaron Leetch was also taken in the incident, which continues to have a sprawling effect on many people’s lives.