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Andy Kennedy’s halftime interview during the Arkansas game was an all-timer

AK on Sebastian Saiz: “Moses Kingsley kicked his ass in the first half.”

Ole Miss took Arkansas down to the wire in the SEC Tournament quarterfinals on Friday night, but eventually failed out of title contention with a 73-72 loss. Both teams scored 40 points in the first half, but the Razor Pigs edged the Rebs out at the end of the game.

At halftime, the SEC Network’s Laura Rutledge chatted with Andy Kennedy about his team’s play to that point, and AK — who’s known for colorful quotes — shone for perhaps a career-best 45 seconds.

Two candid assessments of two of his two most important players. Here’s a partial transcript:

“I think [Breein Tyree’s] an equal-opportunity giver. He gives up two, then comes back and gets two, then takes about four bad shots, then makes a couple good plays. I just wish he would help us a little more … All the talking heads on the podium said that this game would come down to Moses Kingsley and Sebastian Saiz. Guess what. Moses Kingsley kicked his ass in the first half. We gotta do better in the second.”

We desperately need this team to play in the NIT, if only to have the opportunity for another halftime interview on par with this one. Never change, AK, never change.