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College baseball composite top 25, Week 2: Ole Miss climbs to No. 11 after UNCW sweep

Every week, we average the major polls into a unified ranking.

Joshua McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

Following a three-game sweep of UNC-Wilmington, Ole Miss baseball jumped three spots up to No. 11 in our composite rankings. Though the Seahawks weren't ranked in our composite, they did come into the weekend at No. 24 in Baseball America's poll.

At No. 11, the Rebels still trail Florida, LSU and South Carolina. Vandy dropped to No. 13 after losing two of three to University of Illinois-Chicago. Texas A&M continued their climb up the rankings after taking two of three from Pepperdine at home. No. 12 ECU, who was swept by Ole Miss last weekend, bounced back with a 4-0 record in Week 2.

Ole Miss has ample opportunity to climb even higher this weekend at the Shriners College Classic at Minute Maid Park in Houston, where the Rebels will play undefeated but unranked Baylor on Friday, No. 18 Texas Tech on Saturday and No. 1 TCU on Sunday.

This is a composite ranking in which we average the top polls from around the country in order to provide one, unified top 25. Each week, we'll combine the polls from D1 Baseball, Baseball America and Perfect Game (and once it resumes later in the season, the USA Today Coaches Poll).

Rank Team Composite avg. Rank D1 Baseball Baseball America Perfect Game
2 Florida 2.67 2 Florida Florida St. LSU
3 Florida St. 3 3 Florida St. Florida Florida
4 LSU 3.33 4 LSU LSU Florida St.
5 South Carolina 5 5 South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina
6 Louisville 7 6 NC State Louisville Louisville
7 Oregon St. 7.33 7 Oregon St. Cal St. Fullerton Oregon St.
8 NC State 9.33 8 North Carolina Oregon St. Ole Miss
9 North Carolina 10 9 Louisville ECU North Carolina
10 Cal St. Fulleron 11.33 10 Texas Tech NC State Vanderbilt
11 Ole Miss 13 11 Ole Miss Washington UL Lafayette
12 ECU 13.33 12 Cal St. Fulleron Virginia NC State
13 Vanderbilt 13.67 13 Virginia North Carolina ECU
14 UL Lafayette 14.33 14 Arizona Vanderbilt Oklahoma St.
15 Virginia 16 15 Texas A&M Clemson Cal St. Fullerton
16 Clemson 17.67 16 UL Lafayette UL Lafayette Texas
17 Arizona 18 17 Vanderbilt Georgia Tech Stanford
18 Texas Tech 18.33 18 ECU Coastal Carolina Clemson
19 Stanford 19.33 19 Stanford Arizona Washington
20 Washington 20 20 Clemson Ole Miss Houston
21 Texas A&M 20.67 21 Texas Texas Tech Arizona
22 Texas 22.33 22 St. John's Stanford Texas A&M
23 Oklahoma St. 22.67 23 Coastal Carolina UCSB Virginia
24 Coastal Caroina 23.67 24 Arkansas Oklahoma St. Texas Tech
25 Houston 25 25 Houston Texas A&M Dallas Baptist