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Podcast Rebellion: Explaining Ole Miss’ new NCAA allegations plus an interview with Sikes Orvis

We dive into what the new NOA means for Hugh Freeze’s program, but save plenty of time to talk baseball, whiskey and meat.

This episode was all set to be a joyous celebration of baseball, with former Rebel slugger Sikes Orvis joining to discuss this year’s club and their opening weekend sweep of a top-10 ECU team. Then came news that the football program has self-imposed a bowl ban after receiving an updated list of allegations from the NCAA.

We spend a few minutes discussing those new allegations—particularly the dreaded “lack of institutional control”—and how Ole Miss will handle them moving forward. Does the university have a case to combat some of them? Does Hugh Freeze survive this?

For those of you already sick of NCAA stuff, don’t worry—Sikes still joined us and gave us nearly 30 minutes of baseball talk. He regales us with tales of his first memories of the Swayze beer showers, evaluates the early success of the freshmen, discusses his favorite whiskeys and meats and catches us up on what he’s been up to lately.

If you liked what you heard from Sikes, be sure to check out all of his hot taeks on Twitter. If you ever see him in the outfield at Swayze, thank him for all the beer that he rained down upon you and praise him for having facial hair that you can never come close to replicating.

Looking for something to grill while watching the games in Oxford this weekend? Swing by LB’s Meat Market, the official sponsor of this here podcast.