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Ole Miss players react to the latest NCAA news

Let’s check Twitter, shall we?

Ole Miss has announced that it’s self-assigning a one-year football postseason ban in light of new allegations levied by the NCAA, which delivered a fresh NOA on Wednesday. That’s shitty news if you’re a Rebel fan. It’s even shittier news if you’re a Rebel football player.

But the fellas aren’t ready to mail it in quite yet. There’s still a 2017 season to play after all, and while it won’t end in a bowl game, it still might just include a bunch of wins.

Here’s star defensive end Marquis Haynes, who turned down the NFL Draft to return for his senior season.

Here are more current Rebels chiming in:

And how bout some former Rebs:

After someone on Twitter suggested the Nkemdiche’s were paid 250 grand to go to Ole Miss, a whole crew of former Rebels jumped in.

Not everybody was so positive, though. Here’s former Rebel QB Romaro Miller in what sounds like a criticism of Ole Miss’ compliance with the investigation:

And it wouldn’t be Twitter if Hendo didn’t join in. Not really sure what to make of this... he seems to be ripping Ole Miss and supporting it at the same time.