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Here’s video of Andy Kennedy shouting at Mississippi State fans

Never engage.

Ole Miss topped Mississippi State in Starkville Tuesday night to sweep the season’s home-and-home rivalry series. The overtime win remained close into the game’s closing minutes, and as a result emotions were understandably running high.

Ole Miss head coach Andy Kennedy, who’s already something of a high-strung guy on the court, was severely turned up as the final buzzer sounded, agitatedly stalking around the sideline and barking out orders while his team closed out their winning free-throws. As is the case in these situations, State fans were less than pleased with the proceedings and felt the need to make their displeasure known.

According to WCBI’s Robby Donoho, the grinders in question yelled “YOU’RE A JOKE” at AK, to which he replied “NO, YOU’RE THE JOKE,” thus completing a scene that plays out across #EggBowlTwitter every damn day. Kennedy reportedly went on to say “Meet me outside; I’ll be waiting,” according to a fan involved, which seems rather extreme, if somewhat plausible, but not altogether to be believed.

And yet, the drama doesn’t end there. Check out assistant coach Bill Armstrong proudly waving goodbye to our hecklers with seven extended fingers for — presumably — the number of losses State has suffered at the hands of Ole Miss in their last eight meetings. Nor should we understate the hilarity of Breein Tyree throwing up a casual W with his hands, presumably because the Rebs just beat that ass in Starkville (W = win in this context).

Anyway, the lesson here, of course, is never to engage these dorks, whether online or in real life. Unless it’s to calmly drop a two-handed W on the haters as you exit the floor.