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Podcast Rebellion: Tanner Mathis helps us preview Ole Miss baseball season

The former Rebel outfielder joins to discuss all things Ole Miss baseball and what to expect from this weekend’s opening series.

The Basketbearz bubble situation is getting a bit interesting but we all know what the real story this weekend is. Beer showers, Neil Diamond and David Guetta will literally and figuratively rain down on the hallowed grounds of Oxford-University Stadium at Swayze Field on Friday afternoon as Ole Miss baseball officially kicks off its 2017 season by hosting No. 9 ECU. So who better to have on the show than a former player who actually roamed that sacred turf at 400 University Place?

On this week's 'cast, we're joined by former Rebel outfielder and Houston Astros prospect Tanner Mathis to discuss this year’s team. Tanner, who played as a freshman, lends some advice to the three (maybe four) newcomers who will start on Opening Day, then evaluates the lineup, discusses the struggles of trying to make it professionally and walks through some of his favorite memories at Swayze.

If you liked what you heard from Tanner, be sure to check out all of his hot taeks on Twitter. Also if you ever see him in the outfield at Swayze empty-handed, don’t just stand there, get him a beer and some LB’s protein in his hands.

Looking for something to grill while watching the games in Oxford this weekend? Swing by LB’s Meat Market, the official sponsor of this here podcast.