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Josiah Coatney is blasting Ole Miss players who want to transfer on Twitter

If you plan on leaving Oxford then prepare to be dunked on by our large son from Georgia.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Last week when the NCAA announced that Ole Miss was receiving yet another bowl ban and were being deducted some more scholarships, other college coaches ramped up the recruitment of current Rebel players. And those that had been in limbo before the announcement really started to actively look around for another school.

Once it was announced that seniors could transfer without having to sit out a year, one would think that they would be looking to leave, but it seems that most of the folks that are wanting to move on are non-seniors. Then, it was announced the transfer restrictions were toned down and now anyone can transfer to a SEC school if they wish because of being “misled” by the previous head coach who still wears his Ole Miss backpack at the airport when going to interview for other gigs.

With that new development, so far the group that is wanting to leave is quarterback Shea Patterson, defensive back Deontay Anderson, linebacker Breon Dixon, wide receiver Tre Nixon, and defensive back Jalen Julius. Mind you that offensive tackles Greg Little and Bryce Mathews have pledged their allegiance to Ole Miss, as well as defensive back Ken Webster, and wide receivers A.J. Brown and DaMarkus Lodge.

One Ole Miss player is publicly calling out those players wishing to leave.

So for all those saying they want to leave, there’s a special friend we have here at The Cup that is letting y’all know what’s what. Our dear friend Josiah Coatney does not take kindly to folks tucking tail and getting out of dodge because of some bullshit bowl ban.

So let’s break down J.C.’s destruction on Twitter shall we.

The initial entry in this shit talkin’ sonnet is a classic. He goes from 0-to-100 real quick and just calls a bitch a “bitch.” He acknowledges those that are leaving while also burying them six feet deep with this tweet. Not only is he blasting you on the internet for everyone to see, but he’s calling you out for not being able to secure any playing time or get in a fucking box score. This is also a pretty savage own if it includes Shea Patterson, who literally can’t produce because of a busted knee. And he threw in the 100 emoji. So, yeah, ya done.

A few days later, Josiah is back on his bullshit. And, Josiah, keep it up man, we love your bullshit. This entry shows us that he is a deep thinker. Not only is he observing the top layer of shit talk, but he is looking into the defector’s soul. His emotions. Oh you’re mad that you aren’t a starter so now you move? Well, in Josiah’s eyes you a punk. And now everyone on Twitter knows, too. You punk.

Coatney wasn’t finished. Later that day, he came back on the Twitterverse to serve you idiots again for bailing on Ole Miss. This time, claws are out. He straight up called y’all shit. He uses the term “trash” metaphorically because he’s not talking about taking out the actual trash or moving it to a dump.


Or maybe he is. Maybe he’s referring to those defectors entertaining a pleated khaki, milk-drinking, fourth place-getting fuck who flies in on a private jet and takes your lame ass to IHOP. Answer me this losers, when did Michigan switch to Big Baller Brand?

Guess what? Josiah has spoken. You’re trash in Oxford and you’ll be trash in Ann Arbor.

The final entry in this lovely diary of body checks is fantastic. My man has been calling you out for a week now about how you’re mad you’re not playing, scared of competition, and called you trash to your Twitter face.

Now, he’s insinuating that Matt Luke and Co. have the gloves off and are back on their bullshit with the Bag Man. Here comes the croot calvary! Brad, Son of Brady, throws in a laughing emoji because some of you upperclassmen are scared of some high school kids coming in and taking your starting spot.

Well, guess what, you’ve forfeited that privilege. J.C. has decided for you. GTFO.

Here’s the deal, at The Cup, we are all for the betterment of the student-athlete. We want y’all to get paid and to have lots of monies for playing a dangerous sport and being used by institutions to make billions of dollars. But, if you’re going to bail on a team and your coaches because you’re not getting to play or you’re mad that you can’t go to a bowl game in the Southeast sponsored by some shitty department store, Josiah is making it known that he doesn’t have time for that.

So watch your ass or you’ll get wrecked on Twitter. And if you’re feeling froggy, then clap back. But, I wouldn’t do that. Our man, Josiah, ain’t afraid to put you on blast for the world to see.