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Podcast Rebellion: Russell Johnson and 2 dogs discuss recruiting with restrictions

Rebel Grove’s recruiting analyst joins this professional episodic series of digital audio to talk all things crootin while two dogs make lots of noise in the background.

Ole Miss is now recruiting without uncertainty for the first time in almost five years. So now, what better way to kick off the high-octane crootin season than to bring on our dear friend, Russell Johnson, recruiting analyst for Rebel Grove and Rivals. This week we touch on the ins and outs of dealing with a second bowl ban, scholarship restrictions, and what “the plan” is.

Russell discusses what 4-star Matt Corral’s official visit to Oxford this weekend truly means in his eyes, who else Ole Miss is looking at for their lone quarterback slot in this class, what running backs to keep an eye on, does the hiring of Willie Taggart affect Ole Miss’ recruiting efforts, how he thinks the early signing period affects the 2018 class, and who he expects Jacob Peeler to focus on at wide receiver. And he does all of this while competing with my two dogs yelling at each other while we record.