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VIDEO: Evan Engram ropes in impressive one-handed catch against Raiders

Eazy E up to his old tricks.

Former Ole Miss tight end Evan Engram appears to be enjoying himself in the NFL. On Sunday afternoon, his New York Giants were matched up with the Oakland Raiders, and New York unfortunately lost. But that’s not to discount the Giants’ tight hero of the day. Not by any stretch.

Here’s Engram hauling in an impressive back-of-end-zone grab for a touchdown. We’ve all seen this before.

Not bad. Familiar and expected, but not bad at all. Let’s see how Eli Manning feels about that one.

Hmmm. Certainly a situation to monitor, we suppose. (What are you looking at, bro?)

Let’s see how Engram’s right hand catching skills have progressed while among the professional ranks.

Oh, well now. It seems someone has been attending Odell Beckham Jr.’s after-hours seminars. A one-handed grab in traffic to hold on like that? Really wonderful and promising stuff from a guy who deserves a long and lucrative NFL career.

The Giants lost, 24-14, in Oakland. Oh well.