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Ole Miss players react to the NCAA ruling

As of now, everyone seems all in.

Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

On Friday, Ole Miss was unfortunately handed yet another year of no postseason play, scholarship reductions, and some coaches were given show-causes. But, spirits remain high after a 6-6 year and an Egg Bowl victory and there seems to be the slightest hint of momentum now that the decision is behind everyone.

But one thing that can save you from apathy and mass exodus is if current players and recruits come together and show some loyalty towards not only Ole Miss, but each other. Matt Luke is certainly going to be someone who will be able to bring the best out of each and every one of the players and recruits when it comes to showing love to Oxford and the Flagship.

He may not of been everyone’s first choice for head coach, or even their second or third, but he will be the perfect candidate to show solidarity and hold this thing together while we recover from a five-year enema.

The players seem to be ready for anything now that the questions have been answered. Let’s see what they’re saying.

Sophomore WR A.J. Brown

Senior DL Victor Evans

Junior WR Damarkus Lodge

Sophomore WR A.J. Brown

Sophomore OL Chandler Tuitt

Senior OL Jordan Sims

Junior QB Jordan Ta’amu

Junior TE Dawson Knox

Junior OL Javon Patterson

Sophomore WR A.J. Brown

Junior LB Willie Hibbler

Junior DL Josiah Coatney

And after finding out their fate, the Ole Miss coaches hit the road and started recruiting. Even some of the recruits/commits are still all in.

4-star DL target Kayode Oladele

JUCO RB commit Scottie Phillips

JUCO LB target Davion Taylor

3-star WR commit Demarcus Gregory

3-star LB commit Jacquez Jones

2019 4-star RB target Jerrion Ealy

3-star DB commit JaKorey Hawkins

4-star OL target Tank Jenkins

3-star RB target Jeremy Banks

4-star RB target Harold Joiner

3-star LB commit Jonathan Hess

3-star DL commit Allen Love

3-star DB commit Keidron Smith

4-star DB target Cam’ron Jones (UCLA commit)

4-star WR target Tommy Bush

4-star LB target Amari Gainer (FSU commit)

3-star DL commit Hal Northern

3-star OL target Hamilton Hall

3-star DL target Malik Langham

3-star WR target Antoine Green (FSU commit)