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Podcast Rebellion: Christmas Rundown Vacation

Twas the night when we recorded this, not a taek wasn’t scorching, and Brennan didn’t play by the rules.

It’s Christmas time on Podcast R-E-B, Brennan’s making cowboy cookies and Matt’s whipping up Wayne’s crab and shrimp D-I-P. This week, we’re counting our blessings, thanking our friends and families for all the great stuff that we have and how 2017 was great to us.

We also discuss our favorite Christmas movies (Brennan doesn’t), our favorite Christmas foods, our favorite Christmas gifts we’ve ever gotten, and we also discuss who our favorite characters are from The Office and what our favorite Michael Scott scenes are. Also, Brennan talks about his dongle and Cowboy cookies. Great stuff. It truly is.

And remember to ask yourself whenever you have that urge...

Twitter-Red Cup Rebellion