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Ole Miss and Matt Luke explode onto the Early Signing Day scene

Matt Luke’s huge day moves the Rebs up 30 spots in the team rankings.

Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

Well, how bout that?

College football’s inaugural early signing day was going to inevitable be eventful, but most folks around the Ole Miss program didn’t think it would be like this. Matt Luke and his staff signed 15 early signees and have catapulted themselves from 62nd nationally to 34th nationally in a matter of four hours.

The known commodities were there. We all expected four-star Matt Corral to sign, along with the other commits who were slated to sign in December and get their recruitment over with.

Then, Elijah Moore flipped from Georgia to Ole Miss.

And then James Williams flipped from Mississippi State to Ole Miss.

Before long, the long-time joke of Ole Miss being in the same sentence as Toledo and Western Michigan when it came to team rankings, now the Rebels are sitting within reach of securing a top 30 class despite a FIVE-YEAR LONG PROBE FROM THE NCAA, A BOWL BAN, A MASSAGE PARLOR IDIOT RUNNING THE PROGRAM INTO A DITCH, AND A 6-6 SEASON.

Now, the class is still only ranked 11th in the Southeastern Conference. But the above all caps words show how this day speaks volumes about how the staff has not only bought in to Luke’s vision, but they are working their asses off to turn this damn thing around. And they deserve all the credit in the world.

How did they turn it around? Well, how about getting a U.S. Army All-American quarterback from California? Or stealing an Under Armour All-American from a College Football Playoff team? And then how about topping that by swiping a defensive tackle from your in-state rival at the daggum buzzer?

Ole Miss needed to address needs on defense and by God they heard y’all loud and clear. Of the 15 signees today, 10(!) are future Landsharks. The other five were in areas of need as well. Corral will take over for Jordan Ta’amu when his eligibility runs out. Demarcus Gregory and Elijah Moore are next up for the nWo, and Scottie Phillips and Isaiah Woullard look to come in and play right away now that Jordan Wilkins is departed. Not only did the class shock the world with some flips, but they addressed needs. Which is far more important.

Hell, that not enough to convince you that this staff can fight with the big boys? How about this...

Now, with signing day in February all that’s left to put a wrap on the 2018 #MississippiMade movement, the Rebels have six spots left and will look to close even stronger than they did today.

What a fucking time. We’re almost back.

Luke and Co. still have plenty of work to do. And then some. But, damn, Ole Miss football is fun again, y’all.