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Ole Miss basketball is ‘a disaster’ according to Andy Kennedy

It’s very bad.

NCAA Basketball: Mississippi at Middle Tennessee State Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

If you want to take the temperature of Ole Miss hoops at this point, please watch the following video of Andy Kennedy after Saturday’s three-overtime loss to Illinois State. We didn’t do a game recap because no one was around to man the ship, but this post-gamer is brutal as all hell. The Rebs lost, 100-97.

“A disaster” is a pretty apt description for what’s transpired this season, a season in which the Basketsharks can’t defend for shit without fouling everybody. A season in which high-power man Terence Davis just doesn’t show up on occasion. A season in which Breein Tyree, who was expected to make considerable strides after last year, has under-performed at the point spot. A season in which some promising transfers haven’t totally panned out yet, and yet now is too late. These guys need to win games now dammit, and AK knows this. We all know this.

He’s angry, and we’re angry. This team can do much better.