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Podcast Rebellion: The Rundown is starting Festivus early this year

We discuss all things corporate behavior, social media, early signing period, basketball, television, and food.

No Matt this week, shout out to Matt. And shout out to dads. Dads are the best. But, the show must go on and boy did it. Because this was a Festivus special! We air our grievances about all things college football free agency, Ole Miss basketball struggles, early signing period, and social media.

We also need you, the listeners, to help us. Brennan is in dire need of professional advice. He is having to attend a corporate Christmas party and he needs assistance/comments/tips/tricks on how to act, consume alcohol, and make an exit without being seen. Do your best and fill him in on what you think is best in the comments. Also, we told you what we’ve been watching and cooking lately, so do the same. Share with us what you been up to in the comments below.