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Listen to the Kentucky radio broadcast’s sudden despair at Ole Miss’ winning catch

“He caught the ball. It’s a touchdown.”

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Kentucky
When you make a game-winning catch.
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Ole Miss pulled off a dramatic come-from-behind win in Lexington on Saturday night, topping the Kentucky Wildcats, 37-34, on a touchdown pass from Jordan Ta’amu to D.K. Metcalf in the back left corner of the end zone. It was zany and wild and the team doused Matt Luke with Gatorade when it was over.

The pass and catch themselves were impressive, especially for the brief hiccup of doubt it raised in both fanbases’ collective psyches. Did D.K. haul it in, or didn’t he? The radio call from the Kentucky side encapsulates that chaotic window perfectly. Via the Ole Miss Spirit’s Ben Garrett:

As my friend and colleague Juco All-American points out, this is the audible manifestation of what a surrender cobra would sound like. The play-by-play guy jubilantly averring that Metcalf had dropped the pass, with the color man soberly, sadly even, concluding that “He caught the ball. It’s a touchdown.” The deflation and comedown are nearly visible to point that you’re in the box with these two, watching them realize the horror of what’s before them.

May opposing teams’ radio calls live forever.