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Podcast Rebellion: Busch Light is the best craft beer

We have intense opinions about beer and coffee. Who knew?

Egg Bowl Week is here. Just in time for the Rundown to give its worst taeks on all things beer, french press coffee, and ESPN color commentators. We briefly discuss the sixth loss of the year and talk about what we hated the most about it. Then, we move into talking about our Honesty Checks of the week, hot taeks for this weekend, and Brennan’s affinity for Magee, Miss.


Do you want to hear Brennan’s sacred Magee, Miss. family recipe for french press coffee?

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23 of the show thing it’s going to be a brutal game on Thursday but 13 thinks it might be fun somehow. So give us your thoughts in the comments of how you think it will go and any hot taek you might have pertaining to the game. Get as weird as you want. Because Ole Miss certainly doesn’t have a shot at winning a game straight up so they need all the witchcraft they can get.