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Can someone please explain what is happening with Andy Kennedy’s amazing shoes?

They’re fresh, but they’re also kinda weird.

NCAA Basketball: SEC Basketball Tipoff
When the Cup stunts on your shoes.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Hello. Ole Miss ran out a pretty exciting win over Georgia State on Friday night, prevailing 77-72 in Oxford. That’s cool and good.

You know what’s also cool and good? Andy Kennedy’s footwear, which has become A Thing and we are totally here for this. Look at this new hotness.

AK is the sartorial center of Ole Miss athletics, as he should be, given that he’s the damn basketball coach. But we can’t let these shoes off the hook. We have to roast the hell out of these shoes, and please Ross Bjork if you’re reading this, hand it over to AK and let him read mean blogs about himself. We’re gonna stab away at AK’s shoes, because it makes us laugh.

Let’s roast these things into the soil, because they’re hilarious but also totally on-brand for Andy Kennedy, who remains the best.

  • What the fuck even are these shoes?
  • Andy Kennedy is wearing a vodka-cran on his feet.
  • Andy Kennedy is the Raiders of the Last Arc, but, like, in the club somehow.
  • The top of the shoe looks like a combination of the two most boring clothing styles ever: argyle and khaki. Nice.
  • Is AK wearing LA Gear now?
  • Good thing whatever animal they made those shoes from is endangered now. Make that shit extinct.
  • You’d get denied service at a goddamn Denny’s wearing shoes like that.
  • You’d fail a job interview at a CVS showing up in those shoes.
  • Those shoes are so washed up that they have a role in the 2000 film Castaway.
  • These shoes were rejected from The Matrix for being “too far out there, man.”
  • Those shoes lasted half a season on Fox.
  • Even Russell Westbrook thinks they're too garish.

Dear mercy no.