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Watch former Ole Miss DB Mike Hilton snag his 2nd interception for the Steelers

His first came against arch-rival Baltimore back on Oct. 1.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Former Ole Miss cornerback and Chucky Mullins Award winner Mike Hilton has quietly established himself as a consistent component in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ secondary. For a team and town that has historically prided themselves on stout defense, that’s no small thing.

The Steelers are hosting Tennessee on Thursday night, and early in the first quarter, Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota let fly with a ball that got severely away from him. That’s an egregious overthrow.

Centerfielder, indeed. That ball just floats calmly into his waiting hands and he runs it back on Tennessee for about 25 yards starting from the 50 yard line.

He’s undersized, sure, but he’s a legitimate defender, and he has a whole career in front of him. Mike Hilton forever.