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We’ve hired 2 new writers, so come on over and meet ‘em

Hell week started Monday.

Pulitzer Prize Winners Gather For Centennial Celebration Photo by Leigh Vogel/Getty Images

Trades and transactions time, folks.

Back when I took things over in June/July — I have difficulty remembering the exact timeline — I told Jeff, who’s in the process of reintegrating himself to this little shop, that I wanted probably two to three more hands for coverage help in the dead of the summer and then moving into the fall. One name was given to me by Zach, the other we solicited a post from and I straight-up offered him a roster spot.

So, allow me to introduce you to our newest and second analytics man, Nicholas Carr, and Oxford culture/scene writer and nomme de plume, Table Cobbleson. They’re both on Twitter, so you can go heckle them there. I needed a basketball writer, and Nick fills that role, and in the case of Cobbleson, I’m just going to let him wonder around Oxford and pitch me whatever pops into his head.

Hello, gentlemen.

I’ll also have them introduce themselves. From Nick:

I am a recovering Oxonian. I spent eight years there, all in school. Always take a super senior year, then go to grad school. I spend my free time putting as many numbers into Excel as I can, then I spend even more time deciding what to even do with them. My goal is to provide you, the loyal readers, with as much bubble talk each March as you can handle. My hope is that we can build out RCR’s analytics for basketball (and football), especially since this basketball team is fun as all hell. Otherwise, I’ll be making charts, spending far too much time comparing transitive results of Georgia State and Middle Tennessee, and enjoying time with my (rescue) dogs.

And from Cobbleson:

I'm a commissionable folk artist, archaeologist, contributor at Landsharks After Dark, and now part of Red Cup. I am formerly a Christmas tree farmer, semi-licensed private investigator, member of the musical act "RoboTrip," frontman for Weezer cover band "The Weezers of Weezerly Place" and star of several unaired Japanese cigarette commercials. Besides being a long-time reader, I have many ulterior motives for wanting to join RCR, including a multi-step plan that ends with the disgrace of a well known public figure and a Ward's on Jackson Avenue. I graduated from Ole Miss in 2013 with a degree in anthropology and currently reside mostly in Oxford.

Let’s go change lives.