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FOOD BOOZE REBELLION: The chilled, mulled apple pie, which seems paradoxical but it ain’t

This thing bangs.

We’ve already given you the warming holiday toddy, and so we’re here to give you the refreshing iced cider alternative. Good grief this thing is good.

Whiskey-based drinks are versatile animals, and cider when it’s cold out feels right at home on the stomach and gullet. The cinnamon from the Goldshlager and the crisp of the lime juice burn this apple pie down the esophagus until it hits the stomach and that happy heart radiates out into the rest of the chest and abdomen.

Thing is, though, that it’s served with ice. You could drink this thing through a Miami or New Orleans winter and feel perfectly cheery. Here’s your recipe:

1 oz Dickel whiskey
12 oz Goldshlager
2 oz apple cider (any will do, pick your favorite)
Splash lime juice
Orange peel to zest (rub on the rim of the glass, twist and throw into the mess)

It’s the probably the whiskey speaking, but for those of you in warmer climes, maybe you should try this out. I just did in 50 degree weather, and well, I feel somewhat better, but my blood is too thin from living for seven years in central Florida swamp to tolerate anything below 50 degrees.

There’s little bite on this drink, even though it’s served over ice and bases itself on whiskey, and the citrus dumps enough sugar into it to make it pass through the weakest of palettes without flinch.

Go be merry.