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Not all Oxford gas stations are created equal, so we ranked them for you

Here’s where you should go.

Alabama v Mississippi Photo by Dave Martin/Getty Images

I’m passionate about three things in this world: folk art, Mitski, and Oxford gas stations. I teamed up with local resident Wesson Dean to review every gas station in Oxford, Miss., and you’ll be amazed at our review. We’ll let you know where to go for the cheapest gas, the best food, the best drink selection, the cleanest bathrooms, the most beer variety, and the best deals. We even investigated the latest trend: Gas stations carrying La Croix sparkling water.

Anyway, our rankings, as it were, are broken down into a five-tier hierarchy, based on overall Oxford gas station profile, including gas prices, immediate hot food selection, drink options (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and hygiene. Tier one constitutes the elite of the best, tier five the bottom of the barrel. Let’s do this.

Tier One:

4 Corners Chevron

502 South Lamar Blvd

Current gas price: $2.40 per gallon

We’re going to go ahead and knock this one out first. If you’ve spent any time in Oxford, you’ve heard of "Chicken on a Stick.” You can get your chicken on a stick here for $3.99 or as a meal with two potato logs and a roll for $5.99.

Other food options include pizza sticks, corn dogs, southwest egg rolls, crispitos, and cheddar poppers. During lunch hours on weekdays you can grab plate lunch for $7.15. You get a meat, two vegetables, a bread, a fountain drink, and a dessert. You can get basic groceries here such as milk, bananas, and eggs. The drink selection is quite large, as is the beer selection. They offer slushies, but no daiquiris. During our visit, the bathrooms were very clean, but that wasn’t late night.

Lindsey's Chevron

321 North Lamar Blvd

Current gas price: $2.39

This is my favorite, and it has maybe the best food. Lindsey’s makes better chicken salad than any restaurant in Oxford (sorry, Chicken Salad Chick). They have other homemade winners like pimento and cheese, potato salad, pies, cakes, cookies, banana pudding, and cheese cake. They also have homemade salad dressings and condiments including comeback sauce, ranch, and a feta cheese dressing. They also have fried pie, chicken on stick (I will concede it’s a little smaller than the 4 Corners version), pizza sticks, breakfast plates, and, on Thursday and Friday, fried chicken gizzards and livers. If you are looking for a good deal, get a $5.99 lunch plate.

They have some groceries including local Robertson Farm eggs and Brown’s Dairy milk. They have have fairly small but pretty good beer options, including some craft brews. They have slushie and soft serve ice cream machines. The bathrooms are very clean. Always current with the new trend, they have a bunch of different flavors of La Croix.

Oxford Exxon

101 Thacker Loop

Current gas price: $2.19

Food includes BBQ ribs, pulled pork, BBQ chicken, banana pudding, and salads. Looking for a deal? Get the daily special for $4.99. The special comes with a main course, two sides, bread, and a 32oz fountain drink. You can also get BBQ nachos for $4.99. For dessert grab some Krispy Kreme donuts, Dippin' Dots, or choose from just about every flavor of Blue Bell ice cream. Plenty of good drink and slushie options. You can refill stadium cups for .49 cents all football season. No La Croix, but they have Dasani sparkling water (does that count?).

They have lots of beer, but no real craft beer. Best beer deal is two for $2 aluminum Miller Lite bottles. There are six damn daiquiri flavors. Daiquiris come in 20oz for $3.99, 32oz for $5.99, 44oz for $8.99. They are 6.2 percent alcohol and state law prohibits mixing flavors. Please don’t drink and drive. Bathrooms are nice and clean.

Sky Mart

825 College Hill Road

Current gas price: $2.29

If you haven’t had B’s BBQ then you are really missing out. Plate lunches are going to be more expensive here than at some of the other options, but 100 percent worth it. Wesson recommends the fried catfish. You can also get fishing gear, slushies, beer, and basic groceries. The restrooms are clean and offer the most ... interesting ... restroom graffiti in town. This is Wesson’s number one most favoritest favorite.

Little John's Quickstop

3 County Road 215

Current gas price: $2.27

Chef Tim will cook you up a badass plate lunch. You can also get a pizza made to order. Bathrooms sparkled. Not a beer stop (a note from Wesson: it's outside the city limits! Lafayette County is dry!). No sparkling water, but it's got anything else you need. Wesson is all about some Little John’s; They have such friendly service!

Marketplace at Oxford Commons

701 Sisk Avenue

Current gas price: $2.39

This place is too nice to be a gas station. It’s too clean and I don’t want to trust it, but Wesson says I’m being silly. Lots of breakfast options here, and if you are cheap like me, get a $0.55 biscuit. Lunch plates are $7.79 and you can get a $6.19 veggie plate. That’s right: this place has vegetarian options. Food closes at 5pm. They also have cold food like chicken salad (different varieties offered) and wraps. Lots of slushies and drinks and a fancy new milkshake machine thing. They had at least five flavors of LaCroix. Super huge, super clean bathrooms. Next to a liquor store.

Tier Two:

Oxford Junction

550 MS Highway 7

Current gas price: $2.29

We found some pretty good cheap lunch options. $0.99 pizza sticks and $0.99 pretty damn good jumbo fried chicken legs were the highlight. Also of note was the $2.99 two corn dogs and a 24oz drink combo. For breakfast get a $0.99 baloney, egg and cheese biscuit. They offer a variety of sandwiches on week days, and Hunt Bros pizza. Wesson found all the food to be high quality except for the below average potato wedges. For dessert there is a whole Baskin Robins. You can also get boiled peanuts and slushies here. Not the place to buy beer (outside the Oxford city limits) or sparkling water.

334 Junction

70 MS Highway 334

Current gas price: $2.29

Lunch options include $5.99 lunch plates and a $3.89 burger combo. No real dinner options. Holy shit they have a lot of ice cream. Why stop at having a Baskin Robins if you can also have a ton of flavors of Blue Bell ice cream including Camo flavor? What the hell is Camo flavor? Pistachio, almond, cream cheese, and chocolate ... Don’t worry, I don’t get it either. Lots of groceries and lots of drinks, but no sparkling water. Bathrooms weren't the best. Not a beer stop (Just a bit outside of the city limits of Oxford. Wesson hates dry counties.)

The Store

192 MS Highway 30

Current gas price: $2:31

This place is just called the damn Store and it has Chester's Chicken for breakfast and lunch! Wesson loves him some Chester’s. Also has a panini press and some pizza. Groceries, slushies, and drinks aplenty, but no sparkling water. Bathrooms were ok. Right across the road from Little John’s. So, you know, there's no beer ...

Oxford Spot

1438 North Lamar Blvd

Current gas price: $2.29

This station offers a decent food selection, including pizza sticks, fried chicken, fried potatoes, buffalo chicken tenders, wings, and honey butter biscuits. They also have a pretty good drink selection highlighted by just about every flavor of Crush soda, (peach, pineapple, strawberry etc.) They have slushie machines, but no daiquiris. They also have no flavored sparkling water. The beer selection is good and includes some craft options. It has a single, small multi-sex bathroom. Wesson bumped them up a whole damn tier just because they are next to Zaap Thai. I mean, I get it, though. I love Zaap Thai.

Old Taylor Chevron

2500 Old Taylor road

Current gas price: $2.29

Good stop if you are hungry, with a full breakfast and lunch menu. Highlights include 59-cent potato logs, $6.09 plate lunches, catfish Friday special with two filets, spaghetti, green beans, and a roll for $6.99. Now that I think about it, spaghetti and catfish might be the most Mississippi thing I’ve ever heard of. They also have homemade tuna salad. Not much in the way of late night food. They have a decent beer cave selection, smallish drink selection but no sparkling water.

You can get some groceries like milk, eggs, bread, Buckhead brand beef steaks, and fresh fruit. Very clean bathrooms. Wesson found some of the shelf items a little higher priced than the norm. Alcoholic daiquiris come in two flavors and are $3.99 for 20oz, $5.99 for 32oz, and $8.99 for 44oz. If that’s not enough booze for you, there is a liquor store next door.

Double Quick

1401 Jackson Ave West

Current gas price: $2.15

Double Quick is famous for its bigass beer cave and pick six selection. You have to appreciate the cheap gas and clean bathrooms. Unless you can subsist on boiled peanuts, go somewhere else for lunch. Pretty good drink options, including multiple La Croix flavors. Two daiquiri flavors are offered at $2.99 for a 20oz and $4.79 for a 32oz. Who the hell legalized this?

Tier Three:

3 Way Grocery

1538 North Lamar Blvd

Current gas price: $2.29

First off, they have a huge soft drink and mixer selection. They have a few things you might not see at other gas stations, like Izzie fusion, Thai chocolate coconut milk, clamato juice, purple Relax Drank, and Jarritos brand club soda. They don’t have La Croix, but they do have Aquafina zero sugar, zero calorie flavored sparkling water. I will admit now, I don’t have the refined palate necessary to know shit about the difference in off brand zero sugar zero calorie sparkling water.

They have slushies, but once again, no daiquiris. They have lots of beer, with an okay craft beer selection. Food includes deli meat and cheese sandwiches, homemade tuna salad, and hot dogs. They have a breakfast special with eggs, grits, biscuit, & bacon or sausage for $2.99. They have some small grocery options, but we didn’t see any bread. The small, multi-sex bathroom was pretty clean and had burning incense.

Circle K

485 Highway 6 West

Current gas price: $2.16

Good gas prices. Very clean bathroom. Decent drink selection, but no sparkling water. Big slushie and fountain drink selections. Okay beer selection, but not many craft brews. Cold bags of sandwiches, frozen breakfast, and hot dogs are about the only food options. They have a RedBox!

Oxford Chevron West

422 Highway 6 West

Current gas price: $2.29

Okay food selection, okay beer selection, big drink selection, no sparkling water. Clean bathroom.

Pit Stop Chevron

2625 Jackson Ave West

Current gas price: $2.24

Open until 10 except on Sundays. For $5.99 get a deli sandwich with Uncle Ray’s chips and a 20oz fountain drink. Other food options include hot dogs, burgers, chicken strips, biscuits, corn dogs, crispitos, and pizza sticks. The beer cave has some craft beers. The drink selection offers no no sparkling water, but it has some weird stuff like Crystal Pepsi. Do they still make Crystal Pepsi? I should have checked the expiration dates, that shit might be collectable. Not the cleanest bathroom in Oxford.

Murphy USA

2528 Jackson Ave West

Current gas price: $2.15

Right by Walmart, it has clean bathrooms on the outside. A few drinks, slushies, and snacks are available. If you hate Walmart, Kroger also has gas.

Brittany Store

1903 Jackson Ave West

Current gas price: $2.19

Lots of beer here, including craft options. Multiple brews from Terrapin. You can get drive-through beer if you are in a hurry. There are a lot of products for smoking ... um ... tobacco. There are a few mediocre food options. Bathrooms were pretty clean. Open until 12:30 AM. Wesson’s comments have been redacted to avoid lawsuit.

James Food Center

505 Jackson Ave East

Current gas price: $2.39

Weekday plate lunches are $5.99. On weekends get the chicken salad. Good beer selection. They have a few bread, milk, and egg type groceries. The soft drink selection is pretty good and has some interesting standouts like Leemoon brand sparkling peach and blackberry lemonade. No sparkling water. Very small multi-sex bathroom. Itis next door to a post office, so that’s cool.

Exxon Mobil Circle K Kangaroo Express (?)

1802 University Ave

Current gas price: $2.17

This one seems to be stuck in some kind of identity crisis, but the gas is cheap. The small drink selection was highlighted by flavored Perrier sparkling water. We also noted slushies, basic groceries, hot dogs, non-craft beer, and microwave sandwiches. The multi-sex bathroom was clean. It has a car wash.

ATM Kangaroo Express 1543

1724 University Ave

Current gas price: $2.17

To sum it up: pretty clean bathrooms, decent beer selection, good drink selection (no La Croix, but some flavored Perrier sparkling water), microwave sandwiches, and some basic groceries. Also has a car wash.

Tier Four:

Chevron Quick Mart

725 Molly Bar Road

Current gas price: $2.29

Small bathrooms, okay beer selection, okay drink selection (no sparkling water), no food on weekends. The good news is that it has a car wash and is next to a liquor store. One of my friends told me it was his favorite gas station in Oxford, but I can’t for the life of me remember why.

Texaco Oxford

1498 South Lamar Blvd

Current gas price: $2.25

This place has Hunt Brothers pizza, slushies, boiled peanuts, a decent beer selection, okay drink selection (no sparkling water), some milk and bread type groceries, and a pretty clean bathroom. You can buy belts, hats, and shirts, but you are shit out of luck if you need pants.

Texaco Express Shop

2018 University Ave

Current gas price: $2.19

Some lunch options like pizza sticks and chicken (not the best we tried), some groceries, lots of beer but very few craft beers, okay drink selection. Aquafina flavored sparkling water instead of La Croix. Is Aquafina the preferable off brand or is it Dasani? Thats not rhetorical, someone please address off brand sparkling water in the comments. They have a multi-sex bathroom.

Chevron Gas Mart

2100 South Lamar Blvd

Current gas price: $2.25

There is a nice little beer cave, a decent if not huge drink selection (no La Croix, but hey, they’ve got Perrier), and not the best bathrooms. You can eat buffalo, regular, or with potatoes chicken on a stick for $3.99. The options are nice, but itis not as good as 4 Corner’s or Lindsey’s chicken on a stick. Best deal is three for a dollar potato wedges (once again not as good as the food at the aforementioned stations). They also have breakfast biscuits and pizza sticks.

Oxford Marathon

1455 South Lamar Blvd

Current gas price: $2.25

Get some boiled peanuts or BBQ (during the day). Bathrooms are small, fairly clean. Some decent beer options, smaller soft drink options with no sparkling water.

Tier Five:

Jimmy Mart

1009 North Lamar Blvd

Current gas price: $2.69

They had lots of beer but that's about it. Not open late. Has a car wash. Not the place for food, cheap gas, or a bathroom break. Pretty expensive gas if you have nothing else to offer, just saying ... Wow I sound like an asshole. Is "injecting personality" just being an asshole? Have any other sports website bloggers tried to do “asshole who thinks he’s funny” before? Surely none. I bet I’m super original.