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Your Ole Miss vs. Auburn rock fight OPEN THREAD

Come talk, mingle, and despair


Welcome to yet another week of something like Ole Miss football, though this one could get ugly in a hell of a hurry. Auburn is a legit team with a legit defense, and that’s a scary prospect this year.

Ugh. Anyway, that song up there is called “Jaked on Green Beers” by the Alkaline Trio, one of my favorite bands that will always bring me back to high school. It’s kitsch, I know, but I love this song because Matt Skiba ends it by screaming “I HOPE THIS IS GOODBYE” at you like 30 times. That seems appropriate for this week, somehow, a week in which I’ll be traveling during the game and so unable to watch. Probably. We’ll see.

We’ve got Matthew up on the game recap, Zach’s running the newsroom while I’m out, and everyone else is sitting back, tweeting, and hopefully getting horrendously drunk. I certainly need it.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for keeping the dream alive.